Sunday, 5 July 2015

Original print-making plates on canvas.

Title -Three Nigerian girls. Additive plastograph plate on canvas  69cm  by 53cm  2014

-This work explores the situation where children make and keep friends irrespective of tribe ,religion or social prejudice.800USD

Title- Bride’s maid reconciliation.  Collargraph plate on canvas   104cm by 89cm  2014.

Four maids elegantly dressed as is the tradition during most Nigerian traditional marriage ceremonies.The central figure is portrayed as the peace maker with her hands on the shoulders of the two figures on her right and left in a reconciliation stance.A fourth figure is seeming to encourage the peace-making process.3000USD

Title- 10 virgins.  Additive plastograph plate on canvas  89cm by 181cm  2014

This is a plate inspired by the biblical story of the 10 virgins awaiting the bride’s - groom.The central male figure with a crown is the bride’s-groom who is surrounded by ten young women looking earnestly at him.The groom is elaborately dressed as is typical of African princes while the young women are  in their Sunday-best with different hair-do. I have taken the pains to portray as many different traditional  hair-do commonly worn by Nigerian women.Like in the story ,they all have their oil lamps;some have extra oil in bottles while others don’t. 4000USD

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  1. These works go for higher prices but since this is a narrow window,we will see who recognises this opportunity before it closes on the 5th of August 2015.