Saturday, 20 November 2021

BECOMING - An Art exhibition (more pictures) 13 - 27 November 2021 venue - Thought Pyramid gallery Abuja.


BECOMING - An experimental journey in visual art. Venue - Thought Pyramid gallery Abuja 13th -27th November 2021

 Becoming: An Adventure


From the first time I encountered modern art from the covers and pages of magazines and newspapers, I wanted to produce works of that quality. My mission since then has been to develop my work through study, experiment and service.


Long after my formal education, which covered most of the basic training in skills and history, study on a personal level is still on-going. I am constantly in search of more efficient method, material and application. I constantly study the great masters as well as my peers. The internet has in recent times been my go-to classroom. Experimentation has been my modus operandi. The creating process, for me, has become an adventure into a new experience. It is a journey into self as well as out of self .Yet it feels like a quest for hidden treasure. You believe the treasure is there if you just dig deep enough, so you keep digging. Out of the recesses of the mind comes an idea, a flash of light, a picture, a story, something indescribable. But it doesn’t reveal itself to you in its entirety. Many times, you visualise it through your mind’s eye. Then you apply all your skills of carving, moulding, scratching brushing, painting and much more until the resultant work is pleasing to the eye and brings joy, peace and love to the soul.


It is always a pleasure to find that unique piece. Like a love-child (even the creator finds it hard to let go) these pieces need to be placed on a pedestal where their splendour can be displayed. Finding the masterpiece out of a collection of treasures is like looking for a rare gem. It is also a pleasure to know that one’s work has communicated with another individual enough to purchase it, whereupon a new journey of creativity begins with the artist.


Many masterpieces are hidden in storage in the creator’s studio, their joy, peace and love trapped in the dark, unable to display their splendour or catch the eye of a discerning collector. It is for this reason that my friends and I formed the Art Alliance 51 artists’ group and created the Art Arising Art Festival. We desire to be part of the solution. Call it a love task.


I also wish to convey my profound appreciation and gratitude to all the people and organisations that create platforms and opportunities for the display of creativity. May the joy, peace and love be yours first before others. 


Finally, my deepest gratitude to Thought Pyramid for creating the opportunity to display what I trust you will find to be treasures that radiate peace, love and joy. 

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

THREE NIGERIAN GIRLS at the African Artists studio Bwari Abuja Nigeria

Three Nigerian Girls is one of my favourite subjects. It is for them that I consciously create a bright and colourful future .Each time I take up the residency at the African Artists’ studio in Bwari, Abuja, these girls show up and never fail to ask me, ‘Aunty, are we painting today?’ My answer is invariably, ‘No. not today, maybe next week,’ although sometimes I have to let them in just to buy myself respite from their incessant demands. From time to time, I wonder how they perceive me. What do they tell their parents about me? And how will their experience of me influence their views of women in general?

      Joan Okhide,Chizaramu Okeh and Ebube  Ugochukwu

                                                 My new self appointed studio assistant.Joan Okhide